When it comes to our clients, we recognize the importance of practicing efficiency and sustainability. We believe in creating a place that is practical and accommodating.


Our Work

Some of our projects may not be listed

Saint Agnes Medical Center

Urgent Care- Fresno, CA

RME Program Expansion/Interior- Fresno, CA

Inter-Development Training Center- Fresno, CA

Avencinia Medical Interior Remodel- Clovis, CA

Office Expansion- Fresno, CA

Outpatient Surgery- Fresno, CA

Outpatient Clinic Improvement- Fresno, CA

Clinica Sierra Vista

Bio Hazard Pro Bono- Fresno, CA

Nurse's Station- Kingsburg, CA

RMC Improvement- Fresno, CA

Elm Dental Interior Remodel- Fresno, CA

Divisadero Interior Remodel- Fresno, CA

Outpatient Clinic Interior Remodel- Fresno, CA

Reception Remodel- Fresno, CA

Outpatient Clinic Interior Remodel- Delano, CA 

Renaissance Surgery Center

New Scope Washroom- Fresno, CA

McFarland Health Center

McFarland, CA

Shafter Health Center

Shafter, CA